Trio the Côte d'Azur Terrace

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Selection of three iconic recipees


Logo La Bastide

Selection of three iconic recipees resulting in the collaboration between the brand Côte d'Azur France and the social and solidarity based enterprise ESAT La Bastide. 
Manufactured in the Grasse countryside, coming from a sustainable agriculture without pesticides,artificial fertilizers, food colouring, preservatives .....only some sun !

Including in this trio set to be tasted on terrace:
- Eggplant caviar : gustative treasure from our Mediterranean lands (90 g)
- Artichoke toastinade: from the mediterranean sweetness (90 g)
- Dried tomatoes Toastinade:  with a touch of garlic (90 g)


About La Bastide


La bastide - ESEAT is part of  the Association de Formation et Promotion pour Jeunes et Adultes en Recherche d'insertion (AFPJR); Within its different solidarity activities is the production of local products under the brand La Bastide sold directly to customers. La Bastide proposed in co-branding with  Côte d'Azur France a range of gourmet food produced  in the Grasse countryside.