Carafe Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Menton Lemons 500ML

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Culinary preparation of french extra virgin olive oil and Menton lemons, prepared with the assistance of the Michelin-starred winning chef, Mauro Colagreco.


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Citrus preserve lovers fight over this creation and its endearing combination of flavours: sweet and delicately fragranced oranges with the tangy hint of lemon, balanced with grapefruit. Savour it on a slice of brioche or muffin with a freshly-made cup of tea for a true moment of Provence “art de vivre”

Weight: 250g


About La Confiserie Florian 


La Confiserie Florian has been a part of the history and gustatory heritage of the Alpes Maritimes for nearly a century. A true custodian of a know-how maintained by passionate confectioners, this family business offers over 200 different products inspired by the local fruit and flowers. Citrus fruit, violets, roses, jasmine are the special guests of these creations, as they arrived at dawn to be transformed into exceptional treats : jams, candied fruit, crystallized flowers and many other sweet delights.